Monday, 30 September 2013

DAKUMAR – a well known injection machine supplier in the plastic trade worldwide

China well-known as injection machine supplier—Zhejiang DAKUMAR MACHINERY Co.LTD provide customer with high quality injection molding machine, well function injection machine, injection machine exportation and other injection machine service.

We devote our life to study and manufacture. We produce many types of injection device, blowing device, applying to many different plastic trades. We also own big injection machine study team, specialized in study designing new energy-saving, environmental, high efficiency injection machine and injection molding machine. In 2012, we built new factory for 65 mu space. In the future, we will produce 3800T plastic injection machine and new high energy-saving 5H injection machine.

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., LTD, one of the well-known injection machine manufactures, is also a famous injection machine supplier in the plastic trade all over the world. To offer better service for global plastic trade client, Dakumar Machinery has set injection machine agents in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa and many other country and area. These agents offer clients 24 hours service and help. In addition, our company has good after-sale service team, which can go to your place to help you with machine assembly, test and staff train when it is necessary!

Now, we can provide clients with the service including high quality plastic injection machine manufacture, plastic injection machine manufacture, plastic factory building, and plastic production line project and so on. We have more than 20 factory-building projects. From project planning to product producing, we will offer you perfect solution for the plastic injection machine and plastic injection mould. Our engineer will support clients’ factory-building project all the way and try our best to provide clients best service. To get a deep knowledge about Injection Machine Supplier, please go through my website

Monday, 23 September 2013

DAKUMAR’s Plastic Injection Machine models and their functions

Plastic injection machine have many different models, such as standard plastic injection machine, servo motor plastic injection machine, variable plastic injection machine, high speed plastic injection machine, dual color injection machine, PVC injection machine and PET injection machine.

No matter for which type machine, it all include adjust unit, hydraulic unit, clamping unit and injection unit, electronically controlled unit.

Adjustment unit function: automatic mold height adjustment saves the time and cost during the mold changing.

Hydraulic unit function: the hydraulic system using the world famous pump and control valve can ensuring the precision, reliability and durability of whole machine.

Clamping unit function: The plates were designed using FEM software, ensuring a stable and rigid clamping system. Five-point inward moving double toggle system ensures high rigidity and precision for mould clamping and also reducing stress and strain effects.

Injection unit function: Dual-pillar supporting and dual-cylinder injection balance device ensures the stress on screw balanced during injection. Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements.

Electronically controlled unit function: CPU controller and display and display are independent and reliable. A larger color LCD screen enhances clear display and supports multi-language compatibility. The control system also supports remote monitor. In the event of a control problem, the machine can be connected to internet through a special interface.

A screen saver function extends the LCD life. Ultra bright LED is provided for input and output point inspection and machine service. A data hardware lock is provided to prevent unauthorized people from modifying the molding parameter and affecting the machine performance. Closed Loop pid barrel temperature control. Dust and waterproof control cabinets provide a neat and tidy enclosure all the electrical control components. To get a deep knowledge about Plastic Injection Machine, please go through my website

Friday, 6 September 2013

Hopper dryers - effective way of drying plastic materials

A hopper dryer come in a diversity of sizes to meet all sorts of requirements. You could pick a hopper dryer that is placed on the moulding machine for particularly quick drying &, more prominently, space reduction. 

Hopper dryers (hot air) are the most efficient way of drying the plastic materials. Drying straight at the moulding machine throat eliminates the likelihood of contagion or re-absorption of dampness during transportation from the central drying site to the machine hopper. All the Hopper dryer models provide rapid heating, 7 day timer, a 24 hour timer; & a microprocessor controller which has the P.I.D. temperature control, 99 hour timer to auto start, display of drying temperature, digital setting & a fault display function for option.

Various other features of the hopper dryers comprise:
  • Smooth pipe to avoid plastic dust
  • Stainless steel contact parts & surfaces
  • Internal parts are made of stainless steel
  • Overheating indicator & protectors
  • Specially designed bent heating pipe to avoid the plastic resin to be piled up at the heating elements area, which might cause the resin burning
  • A hinged hopper provides effortless access for the cleaning
  • The maximum performance hot air distribute tool to dry plastic materials at even temperature, improve the drying efficiency
  • Dispersion cone which maximizes air flow
  • Microprocessor PID control & more
  • 24-hour start/stop timer
The hopper dryer you select meets your company’s specific requirements & preferences. A versatile hopper dryer is an indispensible machine in any plastic meting out company. To get a deep knowledge about Hopper Dryer, please go through my website