Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Best Supplier of Plastic injection molding machines in China

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Plastic injection molding machine assembling parts:
Plastic injection molding machine main function is cycling it from melt the thermoplastic material ,then injection, then pressurize and last cooling ,then got the products. There are the normal parts assembling: Hydraulic system, injection system, mold system and clamping system.

Plastic injection molding machine including hopper, rotating screw and nozzle, injection system main function is to responsibility feeding material, pressure, venting, melt, injection and pressurize.

·         Hopper from plastic injection molding machine: particle thermoplastic material install inside the hopper, then feed to the barrel and screw by the weight pressure

·         Barrel from plastic injection molding machine: the barrel loaded the rotating screw and heated by the heating ring.

·         The rotating screw from plastic injection molding machine: It function is for pressure, melting and delivery the material, and it formed with feed zone, transition zone and metering zone. 

When the screw outside diameter is stable, the depth of rotating screw's thread will be cut down from feed zone to metering zone, and then the material will be melt by it. The heating ring outside the barrel could keep the material with melting status. Generally, one set of plastic injection molding machine will have 3 zones or more heating rings for keeping the temperature, the heating rings with different temperature due to it in different zones. 

·         Nozzle from plastic injection molding machine: the nozzle connected with barrel and main spurge bushing of the mold, and made the apace with sealing.

The nozzle temperature should be the same with the plastic material melting temperature or a little lower than it, it could suggest by the material supplier, because they have more professional ideas.

When the barrel in a status of full material and will be injection, the head of the nozzle should be in a correct position. When clean the barrel, should remember to backward the barrel, should take part of the spurge, then the material will falling directly.

Hydraulic system:
Plastic injection molding machine could supplier a force for open and close the mold, rotating and drive the screw, push the ejector pin and made the core moving. This step need the pump, valve and motor, connector and so on parts cooperation.

Control system:
Control system could promise the equipments keep working for a long time, could administrate and control the date like temperature, pressure, injection speed and the screw speed, position, and the hydraulic system status.

Plastic injection molding machine function of the clamping unit:
·         Support the mold - Supporting the mold together with the leading it opening and closing, then it required the clamping system have enough force to moving the movable platen.
·         Clamping the mold - When the melting plastic material is injection to the mold cavity should keep the mold with sealing status, so need it to clamping the mold.
·         Provide ejection - When the products molding, mould opening, need it provide ejection force.

Plastic injection molding machine special for plastic mold, we could provide from standard plastic injection molding machine, servo motor plastic injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine...

Recently our company is researched new kind of plastic injection molding machine, due to the market demands.

We are try our best to supplier customer with high performance, more speed, more accurate, more stable plastic injection molding machine. DAKUMAR could provide customer professional suggestions before bought and after bought our machine.

Before you bought, we could suggest you which kind of machine is the most suitable based on the mold and products you produced. After you bought our machine, we can send engineer to installation and training your work. We are the professional and specialist in the plastic injection molding machine industry!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Working Principle, Structure and different types of Plastic Molding Machines

From the shape or clamping direction, we can classify the plastic injection molding machine into horizontal type, vertical type and angle type plastic molding machine. 

From the function, we can classify the machine into standard plastic molding machine, high speed plastic molding machine, servo motor plastic injection molding machine, variable pump plastic molding machine, etc.
From the material difference, we can classify the PET plastic injection molding machine, PVC plastic injection molding machine, PA plastic molding machine, PC plastic molding machine, Normal material plastic molding machine, Bakelite plastic molding machine, BMC plastic molding machine, etc.

According to the driver difference, plastic molding machine usually can be classified into hydraulic plastic molding machine, electrical plastic molding machine, and hydro plastic molding machine.

According to the injection system, there are with single color plastic molding machine, double color plastic molding machine, multi color plastic molding machine.

Plastic Molding Machine Structure
The plastic molding machine standard structure mainly including the below parts: injection parts, clamping parts, plastic molding machine body, hydraulic system, heating system, control system, material loader system. You can refer to the below photos.

Plastic Molding Machine Working Principle
The main working principle of plastic molding machine is to use the plastic thermal physical properties. First, we auto loader the plastic material into the barrel, which is surround by heating elements melting the plastic. In the barrel which is assembled with servo motor screw. The plastic melt will flow up the screw and under the heating condition get tight and move forward to the screw head. At the same time, due to the plastic reacting force, the screw will step back. So at the screw head, it formed a plastic melt saving space to finish its plasticizing process. At the same time, under the injection hydraulic cylinder force, the screws will injection the plasticizing melt into the plastic mould through the nozzle. The plastic melt will remain in the mould cavity through the holding pressure, cooling, process, and then formed into solid shape ejected out of the mould. So the plastic molding machine main recycle process including: quantitative feeding-plasticizing-injection-molding the shape-pick up the piece, then close the mould to the 2nd recycle process.

Plastic Molding Machine Famous Brand

  • Plastic molding Machine Famous Brand including the below:
  • Germany Famous Brand Plastic Molding Machine: Arburg, Battenfeld, Damaged.
  • Austria Famous Brand Plastic Molding Machine: Engle
  • Japan Famous Brand Plastic Molding Machine: Toshiba, Toyo, Mitsubishi, Sedu, Fanuc, Niigata, JSW, Nissei, UBE.
  • America Famous Brand Plastic Molding Machine: Cincinnati
  • China Famous Brand Plastic Molding Machine: Haitian, Dakumar, Zhengxiong etc.
Plastic Molding Machine component Brand

Normally to judge a good Plastic Molding Machine performance, first, we will study the plastic molding machine component brand, then to review the Plastic Molding Machine performance parameter. Our Dakumar plastic molding machine use famous brand component to make sure our machine at the high quality level. Below is a list for your reference.

Electronic & Electrical Components
MIRLE made in Taiwan
Schneider made in France
Electronic Ruler
Fort three pcs made in USA
ANOLE made in Germany
AC Contactor
Schneider made in France
Photoelectric Switch
OMRON made in Japan
Air Switch
LG made in Korea
Single-phase Breaker
Schneider made in France
Stroke Switch
OMRON made in Japan
Three-phase Breaker
Schneider made in France
OMRON made in Japan
Relay Socket
Hydraulic Unit
Hydraulic Motor
Intermot made in Italy
Air valve (1 group)
Yuken made in Japan
Lateral sliding (2group)

For more information such as Plastic Molding Machine Price, Plastic Molding Machine Maintenance, Dakumar Plastic Molding Machine advantages, please contact with us. Our Dakumar German Quality Plastic Molding Machine, good price and good service will 100% satisfy you.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Professional Molding Machine Supplier in China

Dakumar machinery co. ltd. Zhejiang is a molding machine supplier in China. Molding machine supplied by DKM with top class.

DKM is a molding machine supplier with our good team:

1. Professional molding machine supplier, also the molding machine designer, we could design the molding machine based on different customer requirements.

Some customer need the servo motor for saving energy, some customer need the standard machine just for the normal plastic production, and some are need the short recycle time for injection, then we will design customer with high speed molding machine. Important, we have our own machine research and development department, we not only could design the machine for our customer based on customers' requirements, every time, they try their best to improve the technical points, and improving the new shape and higher performance of machine based on the society progress. 

2. Enough molding machine spare parts supplier, we have enough stock with the molding machine spare parts. After customer bought our molding machine, if you need any parts, which you couldn’t find in your market, then tell us, we could send for you, and the spear parts from us it could be 100% suitable for assembling, it is also one of our advantages. There many molding machine supplier in the world, but as a good molding machine supplier, we think provide customer enough standard parts is very important.

3. Good after sale service department, we think a company with good after sale service is also very important than who have enough experience with machine making. Everything should be old, so does the machine. When the machine old and have problem, then, we could help our customer with good after service. Our after sale service department could help the molding machine owner to adjust the machine when we delivery the machine as your requirements. Also you could send your engineer to learn on our company from operating to maintain and adjust.

4. We not just provide customer molding machine, also could supply customer the whole sets of auxiliary machine, no matter you need autoloader or water chiller, or other auxiliary machines. The autoloader is for loading plastic material when injection, could stock and provide material. The water chiller is used for cooling the mould who with hot runner.

The auto loader is for stock a parts of plastic material when injection and it could design with auto and hand work as customer need.

The water chiller, when we injection the mould, then mould will be with high temperature, then we should use water chiller to keep the mould with suitable temperature, then we could get a perfect products.

5. We could provide customer molding machine together robot for pick up products and help for label. During choice the robot, we could provide professional idea based on your mould size, label type and production and so on.

Choice robot, we could give our customer professional suggestion, and we could design the robot and mould to make a perfect assemble, we just need customer provide us mould dimension, injection machine dimension and products dimension, then we could calculate the best way for your machine and robot.

6. Together supply with molding machine, the most important from our company is we are also provide customer mold, from children used to adult used, from industry used to chemical used.

We provide customers molding machine together with many equipments as customer needs. Molding machine supplied by Dakumar machinery co. ltd. with good reputation and you could take it easy for choice our machine.