Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The best machine for your molding operations
The basic use of any molding machine or molding technology as such is for shaping containers that can be further utilized for a number of purposes such as packaging, storage, manufacturing etc. With the widespread use of these containers worldwide, there is obviously a great need to produce them on a very large scale, at the same time keeping in view all the quality parameters during the manufacturing process. The IML molding machine serves as a complete solution to meet the rising demand of containers. Based on the unique IML technology, this machine is a very efficient and high speed machine and can be employed in a variety of fields with great ease of use. Doesn’t that make the China IML Molding Machine the right choice for you?

Keeping in view the stringent standards of international quality, the IML machine uses superior quality plastic material for all molding operations. The machine also ensures a very high rate of end product output which is highly desirable in the market. During any molding operation, special care is taken to first ascertain the measurements of the mould and then setting the dimensions of the molding machine as per the dimensions (length and width) of the mould. It is highly recommendable that the size of the mould should be smaller than the actual distance of the tie bar in an injection molding machine. Its simple mode of operation and the resulting high output make this molding machine the first preferred choice of many firms and plants. To get a deep knowledge about China IML Molding Machine, please go through my website

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hot Air Dryer to keep plastic grains dry

To create a variety of plastic products, plastic injection molding method is the most famous one. By using the injection molding technique, one can produce products of different shapes and sizes. Thermoplastic resins get softened when heated and become hard and rigid again when cooled. The sufficient heat and pressure casts the plastic granules into various forms.

So what does hopper dryer do in molding process? Hopper is a funnel-shaped container which is used to collect the contents before feeding then into the main machine. The contents move and collect into the fixture due to the natural gravitational force. The dryer is installed at the machine throat to absorb all the moisture from the plastic resins. The raw material should be dried out completely before sending it into the main machine to get the final product.

Specially designed dryer distributes hot air uniformly resulting into more efficient drying that keeps the contamination or re-absorption issues at bay. The models available in the market these days offer speedy heating. A good quality heating pipe avoids the resin from burning. Dryer should have complete stainless steel body from inside to avoid over heating damages. Dryers come with easy digital panel for setting timers and controlling the temperature. The overheat protection system of the dryer should be furnished with a fuse to eliminate the possibility of any accident during any mechanical shut down. Dryers with automatic start-up are also available in market. A great number of hot dryers are offered by reputed enterprises. You can browse the internet to select the best one for your use. To get a deep knowledge about Hopper Dryer, please go through my website

Monday, 4 November 2013

Robotics: A new wave of industrial revolution

Have the industrial robot maker China sped up the automation trend in industries? With the ever-improving progress in robotics, industries in China have already started opting for the complete automation of their manufacturing processes. This results in reduction of head count and saving money.

Today, Robots start becoming the integral part of many manufacturing companies. Industrial robots are capable of doing variety of tasks. For example, final assembly of the parts like placing component parts on circuit board, screwing the devices, cleaning and dusting of delicate fixings and many more such tasks. The main reason behind the advent of industrial robots is the labor shortage and wage inflation. Automation trend gear up due to worker protests that lead to slowing down of production. Robots can do work 24 hours a day with almost negligible downtime. 

Sometimes a high level of precision is required to design and produce high-end electronic products. In such situations, human abilities are incapable to maintain that standard which is must in such competitive times. Robotics is not the one-size-fits-all kind of proposition. It has its own downside. Human labor still comes cheaper than acquiring a fully automatic Robot. Advanced and skilled roots are usually very costly. For small house productions it is not feasible to have an automatic robot. Robots are beneficial where similar tasks are need to be done in bulk like joining components, moving objects from one platform to another etc. Humans possess better decision making abilities which are crucial in live environment. To get a deep knowledge about Industrial Robot Maker China, please go through my website