Friday, 25 January 2013

DAKUMAR offers Preform making machines as well as blow molding machine

What are blow molding products? They are plastic products which are made through air inflation, such as coca cola’s bottle. The process is made of two main equipments: preform making machine and blow molding machine. 

Our Preform making machine is designed and manufactured according to the preform making-technologies the professional screw and barrel design, precise temperature controlling system, special ejector design… The machine is suitable for various precision. As blow molding products play a large role in our daily life, as one of the greatest machines’ suppliers in China, also provides preform making machine and blow molding machine.

Preform making machines are available for servo motor type with the hydraulic system and plasticizing system. SINO PM has designed the special cooling device to shorten the preform cycle time. The controlling system is also optional. SINO PM has supplied so many turnkey projects for preform making to different countries.

Blow molding machine is also called the hollow blow molding machine. It is a kind of the rapid development of plastic processing method. It is equipment which is used to make plastic preform swelling through air inflation, closing to mould and molding. With microcomputer controlling system, it controls various technical parameter need more accurately and more steadily. 

Blow molding machine can be divided into three types. They are Extrusion blow molding machine, Injection blow molding machine and Special Construction blow molding machine.  

SINO PM hammers at manufacture many kinds of machines with high quality, including blow molding machine. In order to manufacture all kinds of blow molding products, we have been improved our blow molding machines again and again, designed by CE standard. Different types of machine are suitable for different blow molding products. And some of them are special designed for special products. It all depends on your requirements. We pay much attention to the details. If you establish business with us, we will supply you not only a machine or a mould, but a find solution.

If you are interested in this kind of machines, welcome to contact us.

Certified Injection Machineries from DAKUMAR

SINO PM is Haitian’s strong competitor in making high precision injection machineries in China. Our injection machineries including standard injection moulding machine, variable injection moulding machine, high speed injection moulding machine, servo power-save injection moulding machine, mixed dual-color injection moulding machine, multi-material injection moulding machine, PVC injection moulding machine and PET injection moulding machine. 
We are admitted by CE certificate standard. We could offer customer high standard injection machineries if you have special needs. What’s more, the end injection machineries must through our strict inspection before leaving the factory. Compared with Haitian, we could offer you more suitable machineries with satisfied price and good quality. 

We also have the long history in making Injection Machineries and formed the fast and material product line. In addition, like Haitian, we could offer you a series of satisfied services before selling and after selling. We have sales service spot in many courtiers like Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria and other countries regions. In China, we also set Agency service point in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai and so on. Emergency hotline would answer 24hours. We could send engineer to help customers to install the injection machineries equipment and trains the worker’s skills. In one year warranty, we ensure free replacement of the damaged parts. If the machine is beyond warranty period, we still are able to provide very quick service in the first time and provide spare parts at cost level.

During October nineteenth.2012, we showed the latest new Injection Machineries in Canton Fair in Guangzhou. Oil electric composite power injection molding machine gained high appreciation when customers watched the high production injection machine operated. Compared with the standard injection molding machine, this new product has efficient control system and could reduce noise. It perfectly suited to producing ultrathin plastic package product. 

We have strong QC team and strict standard in mechanical, hydraulic, electronic. Every staffs are asked to guarantee the quality when he deals with the part. We always insisted “quality, honest, responsibility” as the criterion before we move an action.

We also offer the turnkey project services. We have the strong and professional working teams. In addition, we also provide you some economic solution and our quality and services are guaranteed with 100%. Our engineer would train your worker until they know the skills about how to operate injection and solve the problems. 

If you are interested, welcome to contact us.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

In mold labeling production line with automation robot

With the scientific technology development and various kinds of food industry appeared,

It cause more new requirement to the packaging and packing equipment, which plays a more and more roles in the machinery industry. Due to some professional research, the packing equipments markets develop to the direction of highly automation and intelligent.

According to the research, currently mainly the America, German, Japan, Italy, and UK are at the packaging machinery high automation level, especially, German is the leader in packing equipments design, manufacturing, and technologies area. Recently these countries packing equipments develop at the new direction—highly automation through using robot.

Now China as a large export country, also realized the equipments automation development new direction, many machinery supplier spend a lot of money to import and research various kinds of robots technologies, and manufacturing equipments. Now in China, many packing equipments supplier can realize complicate packaging automation, each robot controlled by one computer, greatly improved the production efficiency, and each robot equipped with smart camera to monitor the packing movement and any mistake will respond to the computer and adjust robot movement, thus the packing quality is guaranteed.

Sino Group as an automation production export leader in China also helped our customer set up a lot of robot run production line, especially for the in mold labeling packaging production line. Our In mold labeling production line are mainly applied in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries like Buckets (paints, varnish, detergent), Boxes - small containers (ice-cream, milk products, chocolate layers, fish delicates, coffee) Lids Cups (drinks, yoghurts).Our automation packaging production line customers are from the whole of the world, such as South Africa, turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Spain, etc. We offer our customers not only the injection molding machine, the automation robot, the necessary auxiliary equipments, but also high quality automation molds. We provide our customer install and training service, to help our customer smoothly enter into mass production. Thus our customer can spend more time to develop their sales market to realize profit soon from their investment.

For more information regarding to the automation robot, in mold labeling production line, please contact with us, we can satisfy you.

Professional plastic molding machine manufacturer in China

Sino PM is a professional plastic machine manufacturer. Plastic machine manufacturer provides plastic machines, injection machine, plastic injection machine, injection molded, molding machine etc.

Plastic machine divided it with four systems: clamping unit of plastic machine, hydraulic unit of plastic machine, control system of plastic machine, injection unit of plastic machine. Clamping Unit includes Tie Bar, Clamping Plate, and Toggle Arm. Injection Unit includes Screw, Barrel, and Plasticizing Motor. Electronic & Electrical components including controller, Breakers, Electronic ruler, Thermocouple, AC Contactor, Photoelectric Switch, Air Switch, Single-phase Breaker, Stroke Switch, Three-phase Breaker, Relay, Relay Socket. Other components O-ring, Oil Sealing Kit, Oil Filter, High pressure Pipe and so on.

Our plastic machines’ all those components are import from other countries. Such as plastic machines Electronic & Electrical components, plastic machine controller is MIRLE made in Taiwan, injection machine Breakers is Schneider made in France. And Hydraulic Unit, for example, molding machine Hydraulic Motor is Intermit made in Italy, plastic molder Air valve is Sino-Italy, plastic injection machine pump is Yuken made in Japan, plastic injection machine Lateral sliding is from Taiwan.

I believe every professional purchaser know our plastic injection machine components is very excellent. As a plastic machine manufacturer, we also can provide machine technology training service. We have a strong after sales service team. They are specially help customer install the machine and training customer how to operate machine and maintain machinery. Our plastic injection machine after sales team have gone many countries, like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, Ecuador……..

Our 95% plastic injection machines are exported to other countries. We are a big and famous machine maker in China. Plastic injection machine is including Standard plastic injection machine, Variable pump plastic injection machine, Servo motor plastic injection machine, PET & PVC plastic injection machine, high speed plastic injection machine and mixed dual-color plastic injection machine and so on.

Every kind of plastic injection machine has its special usage. We provide plastic machine lowest price, convenient shipment and high quality. If you have are look for plastic machines, injection machine, plastic injection machine, injection molded or molding machine, please feel free to contact with us.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

DAKUMAR offers the perfect solutions for PET blow molding machine

PET blow molding machine (PET bottle machines) has three types, which is automatic stretch blow molding machine, hand feeding blow molding machine, and another is Semi auto PET blow molding machine.

Automatic stretch blow molding machine is specially designed to produce PET, PC, PP bottles, and plastic containers in all shapes. It is widely used to produce carbonated bottle, mineral water bottle, pesticide bottle, oil bottle, cosmetics and hot fill bottle, etc. Automatic stretch blow molding machine adopts multiple blowing to reduce the residual stress so that the PET bottle will not have any shrinkage during hot filling. The bottle which produced by this Automatic Stretch blow molding machine can stand temperature over 100 degree. With high strength, good transparency and low production costs, automatic stretch blow molding machine become more and more popular in PET bottle machine packaging market.

Hand feeding blow molding machine could blow normal PET bottles as well as wide-mouth bottles.  This hand feeding blow molding machine need to feed the PET preform by hand and then the PET Preform will be blow automatically.  Second advantage of this hand feeding blow molding machine is the operation didn’t ask much technical requirement from the operator. Customer could learn to production by themselves. Another advantage is its lower cost than other automatic PET blow molding machine, and the same time enjoy very stable performance.

Semi auto PET blow molding machine was designed with microcomputer controlling system, which could control various technical parameter, so that the semi auto PET blow molding machine could be more accurate and stable. When customer operate the semi auto PET blow molding machine, the semi auto PET blow molding machine do not require the operator has very strong ability , he could run the semi auto PET blow molding machine without special technical training. This semi auto PET bottle blow molding machine is very suitable for carbonated bottle, mineral water bottle, and cosmetics bottles and hot filling bottles, also could produce oil bottle with handles.

Above three kinds of PET blow molding machine are our main PET bottle machines, if you are in the PET blow molding machine market, welcome send us e-mail for further communication and inquiry. We will offer you perfect solution for PET blow molding machine.