Thursday, 24 January 2013

In mold labeling production line with automation robot

With the scientific technology development and various kinds of food industry appeared,

It cause more new requirement to the packaging and packing equipment, which plays a more and more roles in the machinery industry. Due to some professional research, the packing equipments markets develop to the direction of highly automation and intelligent.

According to the research, currently mainly the America, German, Japan, Italy, and UK are at the packaging machinery high automation level, especially, German is the leader in packing equipments design, manufacturing, and technologies area. Recently these countries packing equipments develop at the new direction—highly automation through using robot.

Now China as a large export country, also realized the equipments automation development new direction, many machinery supplier spend a lot of money to import and research various kinds of robots technologies, and manufacturing equipments. Now in China, many packing equipments supplier can realize complicate packaging automation, each robot controlled by one computer, greatly improved the production efficiency, and each robot equipped with smart camera to monitor the packing movement and any mistake will respond to the computer and adjust robot movement, thus the packing quality is guaranteed.

Sino Group as an automation production export leader in China also helped our customer set up a lot of robot run production line, especially for the in mold labeling packaging production line. Our In mold labeling production line are mainly applied in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries like Buckets (paints, varnish, detergent), Boxes - small containers (ice-cream, milk products, chocolate layers, fish delicates, coffee) Lids Cups (drinks, yoghurts).Our automation packaging production line customers are from the whole of the world, such as South Africa, turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Spain, etc. We offer our customers not only the injection molding machine, the automation robot, the necessary auxiliary equipments, but also high quality automation molds. We provide our customer install and training service, to help our customer smoothly enter into mass production. Thus our customer can spend more time to develop their sales market to realize profit soon from their investment.

For more information regarding to the automation robot, in mold labeling production line, please contact with us, we can satisfy you.


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