Thursday, 24 January 2013

Professional plastic molding machine manufacturer in China

Sino PM is a professional plastic machine manufacturer. Plastic machine manufacturer provides plastic machines, injection machine, plastic injection machine, injection molded, molding machine etc.

Plastic machine divided it with four systems: clamping unit of plastic machine, hydraulic unit of plastic machine, control system of plastic machine, injection unit of plastic machine. Clamping Unit includes Tie Bar, Clamping Plate, and Toggle Arm. Injection Unit includes Screw, Barrel, and Plasticizing Motor. Electronic & Electrical components including controller, Breakers, Electronic ruler, Thermocouple, AC Contactor, Photoelectric Switch, Air Switch, Single-phase Breaker, Stroke Switch, Three-phase Breaker, Relay, Relay Socket. Other components O-ring, Oil Sealing Kit, Oil Filter, High pressure Pipe and so on.

Our plastic machines’ all those components are import from other countries. Such as plastic machines Electronic & Electrical components, plastic machine controller is MIRLE made in Taiwan, injection machine Breakers is Schneider made in France. And Hydraulic Unit, for example, molding machine Hydraulic Motor is Intermit made in Italy, plastic molder Air valve is Sino-Italy, plastic injection machine pump is Yuken made in Japan, plastic injection machine Lateral sliding is from Taiwan.

I believe every professional purchaser know our plastic injection machine components is very excellent. As a plastic machine manufacturer, we also can provide machine technology training service. We have a strong after sales service team. They are specially help customer install the machine and training customer how to operate machine and maintain machinery. Our plastic injection machine after sales team have gone many countries, like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, Ecuador……..

Our 95% plastic injection machines are exported to other countries. We are a big and famous machine maker in China. Plastic injection machine is including Standard plastic injection machine, Variable pump plastic injection machine, Servo motor plastic injection machine, PET & PVC plastic injection machine, high speed plastic injection machine and mixed dual-color plastic injection machine and so on.

Every kind of plastic injection machine has its special usage. We provide plastic machine lowest price, convenient shipment and high quality. If you have are look for plastic machines, injection machine, plastic injection machine, injection molded or molding machine, please feel free to contact with us.


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