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Injection molding machine from Dakumar machinery co. ltd. with good reputation.

There are many sizes of injection molding machine, it is based on the injection cycle time and the injection volume to select machine for the mold. Injection volume could be from ounce to ponds for injection molding machine. The injection molding machine is used for produce plastic products.

Injection molding machine mainly including the below parts: melt material system and injection system, clamping system, hydraulic system.

Melt material and injection system have the following parts: Hopper, barrel for heating, injection plunger or screw.

Clamping system and hydraulic system:

Hydraulic driver movable platen and stationary platen, the mold will be mounted there. Injection molding machine with many kinds of design of the shape, generally, there have plunger and screw two kinds. The biggest different is that the way of material feed from the hopper to nozzle is not the same.

The rotating screw injection molding machine is the most used machine, due to it shorter injection time, lower melt temperature, mix better.

There many kinds of equipments to help test and control the clamping system, mold and injection system. The following are the points which will be test and control:

·         Cylinder temperature
·         melt temperature in the screw tab
·         nozzle temperature
·         mold wall temperature
·         temperature of the cooling medium
·         internal mold pressure
·         pressure in clamping cylinder
·         mold deformation
·         mold breathing
·         column elongation
·         pressure in the screw tab
·         screw advance speed
·         screw displacement
·         hydraulic pressure
·         oil temperature

Injection molding machine injection system used the pressure air for injection, so the power is very large. Plastic Injection molding machine suitable for produce the volume products. Due to the injection machine could produce hundreds or thousands products per hour.

Injection molding machine plastic material choice:

Original, all thermoplastic resins can be injection molded, but some are difficult for molding, need the special equipments for injection. From material of polymer structure, it becomes evident that the resin with wide melting range mold easier than those with a sharp or narrow melting points. But there still have the following points should be taking care of: the plastic temperature, absorption of the resin, and the necessary properties required for the products. The actual resin has a sharp melting point, turning quickly to a liquid, which need exacting temperature controls. Polycarbonate requires high injection temperatures, while nylon absorbs moisture and will corrode the internal parts of the injection cylinder unless they are chrome plates. And also some products have its special requirements, some need the hardness, some need the transparent some need the thickness and so on.

From demanders’ side, we think they must need the high quality and most suitable Injection molding machine, the most suitable?

It should follow the step: suitable for the mold. Mold should be fit for the machine when install it. When injection, should injection the products perfect, then require injection molding machine with enough injection pressure, could injection enough material for products molding.

For machine itself, should with high performance and stable characteristic, then the machine could enlong it's lifecycle.

Dakumar Machinery: A leading Molding machine Manufacturer

Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD is one of the Sino holding group’s subsidiaries. It’s molding machine manufacturer. In order to let customers know our molding machine more clear, following we will talk about molding machine configuration, molding machine design, molding machine service, molding machine technology, molding machine line and so on.

Dakumar molding machine configuration adopt imported high parts, such as molding machine controller is use MIRLE made in Taiwan, molding machine Breakers is use Schneider made in France, molding machine Electronic Ruler is use Fort three pcs made in USA, molding machine Thermocouple is use Anole made in Germany, molding machine AC Contactor is use Schneider made in France, molding machine Photoelectric Switch is use OMRON made in Japan, molding machine Air Switch is use LG made in Korea, molding machine Single-phase Breaker is use Schneider made in France, molding machine relay is use OMRON made in Japan, molding machine Relay Socket is use Sino-Italy, molding machine Hydraulic Motor is use Intermot made in Italy, molding machine Air valve is use Sino-Italy, molding machine Pump is use Yuken made in Japan, molding machine Lateral Sliding is from Taiwan.

Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD divide molding machine into several parts: injection unit, electronically controlled unit, clamping unit, hydraulic unit, and adjustment unit. The special molding machine design is to make the repair easier. Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD is continuing improvements for plastic injection molding machine design. The different raw material, DKM can design different molding machine for you. Special raw material, the plastic molding machine is different, like PVC molding machine frame is bigger. What’s more, the molding machine screw and barrel design is according to the raw material, for example, PVC and PET need them special screw. Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD can help you design a special molding machine according your requirement.

Regard to molding machine service, Dakumar machinery CO., Ltd has 90% export to other countries, but customer don’t need to worry about the molding machine service after shipment. Dakumar molding machine have a special after sale service, we can dispatch our engineer to customers companies to help you to adjust the machine. In many countries, Dakumar molding machine had built our agent, when the molding machine has something wrong with it, our molding machine agent will help you to solve it as soon as possible. Dakumar molding machine purpose is to provide every customer a rest assured purchase.

Dakumar molding machine manufacturer could provide you molding machine technology train when customer have no molding machine engineer or engineer not know the molding machine very well. To the contrary, customer also could ask your engineer to Dakumar molding machine factory to learn, Dakumar molding machine engineers are very glad to teach you the technology. Dakumar molding machine manufacturer also provide turnkey project, turnkey project means you only have factory, but no equipments and engineers, Dakumar molding machine manufacturer could supply you the project completion line, including molding machine, mould, auxiliary machine, factory design and technology train.

Dakumar molding machine manufacture can supply you molding machine line, because Sino holding group have 7 subsidiaries, including Sino mould, Dakumar molding machine, Anole hot runner, Automotive parts mould and so on. So Dakumar molding machine manufacturer is a professional molding machine line supplier. Dakumar molding machine line can provide you a perfect solution. What you need is just offer us the sample or the drawing or even the concept of the parts, then we will supply you the final solution.

Dakumar is a high quality PET Dryer Manufacturer in China

Dakumar Machinery Zhengjiang CO., Ltd can provide customer PET Dryer. Dakumar is a high quality PET Dryer manufacturer in China. Dakumar engineers have very rich experience for PET Dryer. PET Dryer manufacturer move their machines to the bigger factory. PET Dryer manufacturer factory has 40 thousands square meters.

Regard to the PET Dryer type, there are two types, the one is put all three machines in one device, those three machines means PET dryer machine with auto loader, and dehumidifier. This type of PET dryer is more useful, now more and more customer choose the all three machines in one device PET dryer. The other is normal PET dryer, is cheaper. This type of PET dryer is use widely. If you don’t know how to choose them, you also can tell us you detail information of your factory, we will give you our professional suggests.

About the PET Dryer structure, Dakumar PET Dryer adopts glass-tube hopper loader with degusting function that can remove the fine duct in material which in the end avoids dirty spot in product. What’s more, it can be built to comply with worldwide electrical safety standards. Dakumar Machinery PET Dryers combine the function of dehumidifying, drying and two-stage conveying into one single unit, specified for the production of optical grade products, such as lenses,

Now let entry the next topic, PET dryer feature. PET Dryers equipped with honeycomb rotor for dehumidifying. PET Dryers have two kinds of design, fully-integral and semi-integral, depending on the size. PET Dryer integration of dehumidifying, drying, and two-stage conveying functions in a single unit. PET dryers three-stage conveying is also available as an option.

PET Dryers insulated drying hopper features dry air down-blowing and cyclone exhaust design. PET dryers improves drying efficiency and reduces energy consumption while maintain a steady drying effect. PET dryers closed-loop conveying system eliminates the possibility of moisture re-absorption during material conveying. PET dryers dehumidifying section of SCD series features two condensers to ensure a low return air temperature and low dew point. PET Dryers equipped with pneumatic shut-off valve to ensure no material remains in the material line after each loading cycle. PET Dryers’ all material contact surfaces are polished to prevent material contamination. PET Dryers high efficiency 99.97% can remove fine particulates as small as 0.3um.

PET Dryer corresponding machine, Dakumar all could provide you the machines. PET Dryer corresponding machine like PET injection machine, Auto loader, Crusher, Mixer, Cooling tower, mould temperature controller, Air compressor, Ali Filter, Roberto and so on.

Dakumar PET Dryer advantage are the heat efficiency is high enough to shorten great amount of drying time, and the precious temperature controls ensure and keep a high accuracy of temperature.

Dakumar PET Dryer manufacturer can provide you the rocket bottom price in high quality, convenient transport, and prefect service.

If you have any need for PET Dryer or any other plastic machines, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to reply you.

Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD: a famous Plastic Injection Molder in China

Dakumar Machinery CO., LTD is a famous plastic injection molder manufacturer in China. Plastic injection molder is including Standard plastic injection molder, Variable pump plastic injection molder, Servo motor plastic injection molder, PET & PVC plastic injection molder, high speed plastic injection molder and mixed dual-color plastic injection molder and etc.

Standard plastic injection molder separated several parts, the details, please look at the following parts: injection unit, electronically controlled unit, clamping unit, hydraulic unit, and adjustment unit. Every part controlled every system. They seem work independence, but cooperation. It has many advantages, like adopt stability, have very long life time and high performance, what’s more, It can produce every kinds of normal plastic products.

Variable pump plastic injection molder manufacturer can provide you different size of the machine, the model number from DKM variable pump plastic injection molded 50ton to DKM variable pump plastic injection molded 1080ton. Compared with standard plastic injection molded, variable plastic pump plastic injection molder’s advantages are special filtering device in bypass, its aim is effectively extend the using life and due to the Ultra-fine filtering device in bypass results in the ultra long life of hydraulic oil, increasing the cycle time of oil replacing.

Servo motor plastic injection molder has adopted the high-performance servo dynamic control system. It is not only can save energy, but also can work with low noise, high-control precision. The most important thing is, it is succeeding connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic drive system. Regard to the Servo motor plastic injection molder advantages are high performance energy can reduce the cost, realizing the precise speed and pressure control and high efficiency, lower oil temperature, make oil talk much smaller, extend the use of hydraulic oil and elements.

PET & PVC plastic injection molder is a special plastic injection molder for raw material PVC or PET. It is designed with a dedicated screw. Because the raw material PVC and PET’s property is much more different from other materials, PVC and PET have causticity. According to our engineer experiences, they designed a suitable screw, big diameter and L/D ratio. Its advantages are high plasticization capacity, extended machine framework and etc. PVC plastic injection molder advantages are specialized PVC plasticization components; widened safety door design; hardened chromed nozzle; enlarge hydraulic motor and so on.

High speed plastic injection molder size from DKM high speed plastic injection molder 118ton to DKM 780to. It makes mould close and open in high speed possible. Regard to the high speed plastic injection molder is usually used by high quantity products, especially for thin wall products made of PP, PE, ABS & PC, PE. High speed plastic injection molder advantages are quicken the machine circle time, higher the efficiency and especially suitable for the ultrathin, precious and complicated products.

Mixed dual-color plastic injection molder including clear color change hover-type plastic injection molder and mixed dual-color plastic injection molder. Dual-color injection molder’s advantage is fit for the products with same material but two different colors, which generally apply to the manufacture of commodity, artwork, and something like that, and the blending effect of products looks natural. Clear color change hover-type plastic injection molder’s rotary plate adopt the important needle bearing with high quality, long life and axial moving, coupled with fixed locating pin and hydraulic locating pin to locate together, ensuring the accuracy of rotary plate location and safety of the mould.