Thursday, 25 October 2012

How to Choose a Good Injection Molding Machine Supplier

For injection molding machine customers, a good injection molding machine supplier need meet the following requirements:

First, sure the most important is this injection molding machine supplier can provide good quality machine.

Second, a good injection molding machine supplier not only can provide good quality machine, but also provide golden after sales service.

Third, a good injection molding machine supplier does not mean it suit all the customers and markets. Different customers and markets may choose different good injection molding machine supplier. Because they composite all the factors including the quality, service, price and then consider which one is the best for them. In this case, a good injection molding machine supplier must be suitable for customer requirements. 

Considering the 2nd and 3rd factors is easy for our customer to choose, below we mainly talking about how to choose a good quality machine supplier.

First, the injection machine technical parameters should be advanced and reasonable. Our customer can compare through longitudinal direction and horizontal direction. Horizontal direction is comparing with international famous injection molding machine technical parameter, and longitudinal direction means to review if the technical parameter reaches the industry standard. This work is a scientific and precisely. When we choose the machine technical parameter, we need consider the plastic parts shape, material, structure, even the industry, also the mould structure, quality, precision, cavity NO, runner type, even the plastic parts production capacity, etc.

2nd, we should consider the machine working stability, reliability, safety, and service life. To judge machine stability, we should see if there is big noise during close the machine, if the injection units run stably after many shots. These situations are all related to the machine manufacturing precision, and toggle design. And the reliability, service life mainly respond the clamping units strongness, tie bar, mold plate, toggle structure design, dimension, material, and manufacturing process. Injection machine plastic-through units like barrel, screw, screw valve, screw drove axis, all these parts is the main bearing parts and wearing parts , which will directly influence the machine service life. Another point is the machine safety is very important, thus a good quality machine must have complete safety protection system. The safety protection systems are mainly related to two sides: mould protection, and workers protection. So our injection machine equipped with system which will stop the mould movement if there exists others, the mould and machine will not work and give a alarm automatically. Another protection point is to prevent the screw cold start, which means if the screw did not reach the specific temperature, it cannot starts, otherwise will give a alarm.

3rd, highly automatically and multi function for highly production efficiency. Currently almost all injection molding machine suppliers can guarantee their injection machine work manually, semi-automatically, and fully automatically. If the mould design is ok, basically all the products can run in the machine automatically from plastic filling to ejection out, even can assemble with the pick-up robots. The product cycle time per shot under the normal injection condition respond the injection machine high efficiency. It responds the injection machine mechanical, electronically, hydraulic system combination performance. So a high quality injection machine must be assembled with high quality hydraulic system, electronic system, but also it must be manufactured through high precision technologies to improve the injection machine system sensitivity and repeatability precision, which is the reliable guarantee to the injection machine high production efficiency.

Forth, Power save and environmentally friendly cannot be neglected in the current injection machine market. Power save is related to the water save, electrical save ability of injection machine drove system, heating system, heat radiation system. Besides, more and more injection machine supplier cares about the environmentally friendly. So a good quality injection machine should protect oil leakage issue, over-standard noise issue, and working 

Fifth, injection machine maintenance and repair convenient. The entire injection machine components such as mechanical system, hydraulic system, electronic parts, etc should be assembled for easy maintenance, and repair, even to realize the standardization.

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