Thursday, 17 October 2013

SINO-PK offers a complete PET injection molding solutions

SINO-PK, is specialized in offering a complete PET injection molding solution which contains PET product line, PET molding machine, PET Machine, PET bottle blow moulding machine, PET auxiliary engine and PET injection molding machine.

Our PET injection mould cavity number from 1 cavity to 96 cavities according customer requirements. The main material of mold adopted S136 from ASSAB, temperature with HRC 45-52, which will prolong the mold life. Take advantage of pin valve hot runner system, our PET perform has nice image and save the material greatly which also will increase the production capacity. Besides, we have advanced mold design technology, high tooling equipment and strict precision control department.

The PET blowing machine can be divided into semi-automatic stretch blow machine and automatic stretch blow machine. The semi-automatic stretch blowing machine adopts revolving infrared pre-heat system which ensures PET performs be heated evenly. Compared with semi-automatic stretch blowing machine, the infrared oven heater of automatic stretch blow machine adopts the quartz lamp to heat the PET perform. What’s more, fully automatic process has the benefit of low investment but high efficiency, quick, safe operation. It is designed according to CE standard. And by adding the safe door, the blowing machine is safer and easier to operate, and it also looks nice and neat.

The PET auxiliary engine has air filter, air compressor, and plastic grinder, cooling tower, water chiller, air dyer, hopper dryer, printing machine, skrink packing machine, de-humidifier and mixer and so on. Customer could purchase according the needs. In addition, according the PET material property and the molding requirements of it, our PET injection machine satisfied all of our customers in PET molding production. Our machine has big diameter screw design and L/D ratio which ensure our PET injection machine has high plasticization capacity.

If you need more information regarding with PET machine, please feel free to contact me. From: Stacy,, Skype: sinogroupe-62. To get a deep knowledge about PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine, please go through my website


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