Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Professional Molding Machine Supplier in China

Dakumar machinery co. ltd. Zhejiang is a molding machine supplier in China. Molding machine supplied by DKM with top class.

DKM is a molding machine supplier with our good team:

1. Professional molding machine supplier, also the molding machine designer, we could design the molding machine based on different customer requirements.

Some customer need the servo motor for saving energy, some customer need the standard machine just for the normal plastic production, and some are need the short recycle time for injection, then we will design customer with high speed molding machine. Important, we have our own machine research and development department, we not only could design the machine for our customer based on customers' requirements, every time, they try their best to improve the technical points, and improving the new shape and higher performance of machine based on the society progress. 

2. Enough molding machine spare parts supplier, we have enough stock with the molding machine spare parts. After customer bought our molding machine, if you need any parts, which you couldn’t find in your market, then tell us, we could send for you, and the spear parts from us it could be 100% suitable for assembling, it is also one of our advantages. There many molding machine supplier in the world, but as a good molding machine supplier, we think provide customer enough standard parts is very important.

3. Good after sale service department, we think a company with good after sale service is also very important than who have enough experience with machine making. Everything should be old, so does the machine. When the machine old and have problem, then, we could help our customer with good after service. Our after sale service department could help the molding machine owner to adjust the machine when we delivery the machine as your requirements. Also you could send your engineer to learn on our company from operating to maintain and adjust.

4. We not just provide customer molding machine, also could supply customer the whole sets of auxiliary machine, no matter you need autoloader or water chiller, or other auxiliary machines. The autoloader is for loading plastic material when injection, could stock and provide material. The water chiller is used for cooling the mould who with hot runner.

The auto loader is for stock a parts of plastic material when injection and it could design with auto and hand work as customer need.

The water chiller, when we injection the mould, then mould will be with high temperature, then we should use water chiller to keep the mould with suitable temperature, then we could get a perfect products.

5. We could provide customer molding machine together robot for pick up products and help for label. During choice the robot, we could provide professional idea based on your mould size, label type and production and so on.

Choice robot, we could give our customer professional suggestion, and we could design the robot and mould to make a perfect assemble, we just need customer provide us mould dimension, injection machine dimension and products dimension, then we could calculate the best way for your machine and robot.

6. Together supply with molding machine, the most important from our company is we are also provide customer mold, from children used to adult used, from industry used to chemical used.

We provide customers molding machine together with many equipments as customer needs. Molding machine supplied by Dakumar machinery co. ltd. with good reputation and you could take it easy for choice our machine.


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