Tuesday, 20 November 2012

PET Injection Molding Machine Technologies and its Advantages

Talking about PET Machine, usually we will consider it to be PET bottle Machine. Now PET bottle are widely used in the various area such as drink bottle, oil bottle, cosmetic bottle, food bottle, PET big stock container, etc.

So PET Machine application market is very big. 

PET Machine type:

According to PET bottle forming technologies difference, normally PET machine including the PET Injection Molding Machine, PET Blow Molding Machine, and PET Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine.  PET Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine can complete all the process including Injection, Stretch, and Blow three steps. So it is more complicated, and sure more expensive. It is also suitable for large quantity continues mass production. While another process is PET Injection Molding Machine to produce the preform first, then use Blow Molding Machine to stretch and blow out bottle. This is more economical for small QTY bottle.

Currently market, most consumers will choose the 2nd 2 step forming process, due to its investment. In order to satisfy our customers, Dakumar Machinery specially researched and innovate special PET injection Molding Machine series. 

PET Machine—PET injection Molding Machine technologies

PET material has some special features, such as short stability after surpass the melt point, and the PET melt point is very high, while the PET bottle usually requires high Transparency. Due to  above special features, PET Injection Molding Machine should reach a few technical points requirements including accurate material temperature control, plasticizing heat control, plasticizing melt quality control, PET mould hot runner system technologies, PET moulds air venting issue. Besides, as the PET performs mould is multi-cavities, so PET Injection Molding Machine will require higher clamping precision than the standard injection Molding Machine. 

PET Machine---PET injection Molding Machine Advantages

According to the PET material property and the molding requirements, our R&D department designed the machine special for the application. Its mature design satisfied all of our customers in PET molding industries
  • Clamping parts, through complete optimize, the machine performance can reach its optimal value. Our PET molding machine with good movement property thus can save more power. Aimed to the preform mould multi cavities features, we use high precision position detect electronic scale to control the Toggle stroke, ejection stroke and position, which can reach the tolerance of 0.1mm. In this way, the pick-up robot can absorb multi cavities product accurately and fast.
  •  Our Dakumar PET injection machine hydraulic parts design are  optimized based on the preform features, thus with higher production efficiency, more stable process technologies. Variable pump, servo motor control is all available to save more power.
  • Our PET injection Machine is specially designed with A.B.C three type or A.B.C.D four type screw. We optimized the design to decrease acetaldehyde quantity. Also, compare with standard molding machine, our PET injection machine with better milling quality to make sure clear color, stable parts.
  • Electrical parts, we use imported computer with LED colour screen, and multi-languages available. It is controlled by multiplex CPU, thus run fast, and also with three type Work pattern including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.
Temperature is controlled by six stages PID, thus to make sure high precision injection molding quality. The entire PET machine is equipped with automatic inspection and Failure warning and diagnose. 

For more information about the PET machine blow molding machine , PET injection stretch blow molding machine, PET machine application technologies, PET  preform machine, and PET preform molds, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.


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