Friday, 22 March 2013

Label the Plastic Container Properly By Using In Mold Labeling System

Dakumar is one of the world’s largest leading plastic injections molding Machine Company. This company can aid the consumers to fulfill their expectations. This company is not only manufacturing different variety of injection machine, but they also provide free service training those who have purchased this kind of machine in this company. This company has proffered above thirty sets of turnkey venture for in mold labeling system. The in-mold labeling is nothing but it is a pre-embellishing technique utilized worldwide for thermoformed containers, injection molded, blow molded bottles and some other plastic containers.

The pre-embellishing is the relevance of a sticker to a plastic container before it is packed with product. Stickers for injection molded In-Mold Label do not need glue on the rear side. The In-Mold Label process eradicates the labeling sticker step and all allied with labor and equipment. In the In-Mold Label process, appliqué or label is put in the unlock mold and detained in the preferred position by electrostatic attraction, vacuum ports and more.

The molten plastic resin and mold closes is injected or extruded into the mold wherever it conforms to the proper shape of the plastic object. This labeling process can be done by using the advanced technology molding machine. This company will complete the consumer projects within a short period of time. One of the most important things is that this company can complete the IML projects at very low cost. The IML process can provide lots of advantages that improve container sidewall strength, reduced container weight, better stain resistance and more. They can do this process to all plastic containers. Do this IML process from this most famous Dakumar Company.


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