Saturday, 22 June 2013

Polyvinyl Chloride Molding Machine Units And Its Functions

We provide PVC molding machine with high quality in different models for various purposes ,these are fully automated molding machines, injection molding machine, and hard injection molding machines.The chroming nozzle will produce the high quality PVC product, Hence we are using high quality resistive material and bimetallic barrel due to reinforce for  long durability. Then the PVC molding consists of various units they are  
·         Clamping unit

In this unit we are employing the 5 point speed toggle mechanism for high speed clamping, then the transducer controls both the ejector and the clamping to ensure high accuracy. Fully automated height adjustment, and centralized lubrication mechanisms.
·         Hydraulic unit
The pressure and the load capacity are being identified and controlled by this unit, Only we use prestigious branded pumps, seals and hydro motors to maintain the quality.
·         Electrical unit 
 The electrical unit is fully made as waterproof, and the electrical components used is top most brands to give high quality as well as to ensure safety.
·         Injection unit
Bimetallic screw is being used to fit in fiber glasses. Nitrite steel has been designed specially for PVC, temperature can be controlled.
·         Microcomputer unit
Microcontroller consists of 100 sets of data and the molding instructions, the LCD  display is provided to monitor  the various pressures, temperature, time, speed. Then the input and the output interfaces are used to view the status of the machine at any instant of time. Its user friendly to handle the machine.
·         Applications
The applications of the PVC molding machines are caps and closures, construction of fitting PVC, PET perform and split barrel. To get a deep knowledge about PVC Molding Machine, please go through my website .


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