Thursday, 20 June 2013


A mass production  of plastic closure can be manufactured using plastic cap  molding machine.Different kind of plastic molding  machines are available.  We offer machines which differ in terms of its  product description and its own way of operation. They produces caps for various kind of bottles like mineral water bottle,cola bottle and as according to the mouth size of the bottle. It is done by  melting a studded plastic at a very high temperature and cut to form the moulding hollows. Very soft and nice caps can be made using this machine which can be easily handled,saves power and reduce labour cost. The same model is also available with additional features like hydraulic compression, increased stability and with easy and reliable operation. These models varies in terms of their technical features like quantity of mould,cap diameter and height,power of hydraulic pressure,power of cooling system and air consumption. 

The standard cap molding machine are constructed with accumulator to find the cap high speed rotation of the screw. The provision for at which speed the mould open and mould close must happen are also available. These standard high speed moulding machine are equipped with special design at the clamping system, machine’s base and machine frame. The latest model named MF-30B, a completely automated machine for anti-theft plastic bottle lids. This machine is used for making various type of bottle caps with a sequence of procedures like accumulating lids,arranging,feeding lids,cutting,dropping and allocation of lids to separate containers. It is more advantageous than the common moulding injection machine because it has high efficiency, facility for replacing multi molds available for each machine, a single operator for multiple machines at the same time and possess dimensional stability. To get a deep knowledge about Plastic Cap Molding Machine, please go through my website .


Bruce Hammerson said...

This gadget are great! I have bought several and used each in the washer. The cap has come out perfectly each time.

Bruce Hammerson

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Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative post..
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